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The Ultimate Burning Leaf Contest

So we have three really great items to give away this year for you Boils and Ghouls. To start we would like to thank Chris at Trick or Treat Studios, Crafty Katie from Macabre Mojo Creations and Tommy from Ghastly Pro. Items to be given away are the Ghastly Ghoul by Trick or Treat Studios, Sam Treat Sucker replica from the movie Trick r Treat made by Macabre Mojo Creations and The Terror Michael Myers Mask from Ghastly Pro..

We have some simple tasks for you guys

1) Register here at

 2) Join our facebook page if you have a facebook.

Our 1st Contest is for the Ghastly Ghoul.
We do not have a set end date for this particular contest nor do we have a certain date that you must register (The sooner the better). We will have a thread started and all you have to do is enter the thread and say you would like to be in the contest or post on our facebook the words Ghastly Ghoul Please. We are going to randomly choose a day for the Ghastly Ghoul Mask from Trick or Treat Studios. We will use a raffle generator for all the names enter. We will announce the winner on the website. If you do not respond to the winners thread within 24 hours we will enter everyone back in the raffle and pull a new winner. So be sure to check in everyday. You never know when we will decide. To enter in this Contest go here






Our 2nd Contest.
The Macabre Mojo Treat Sucker #4 is our next giveaway. If you want to win this just carve us up your best pumpkin and post a picture in the 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Please be original. The Pumpkin King will be judging along with my side kick Kaizu and Katie. This is the actuall Treat Sucker you will receive. All entries must be in by Saturday October 15 2011 by 1159pm. To enter this contest go here








Our 3rd Contest is for the Michael Myers Terror mask by Ghastly Pro.
You have four easy choices. 1) You can create something for you decorations and show us a pic. Must be a recent project for this up coming season. 2) You can submit a Fall/Halloween recipe that you like to make during the season. 3) You can post a Fall/Halloween original poem by you. 4) You can add a Fall/Halloween type photo. Photos must be taken by you. You can do a landscape or your Haunted House or just a cool decoration. We will have one thread for these entires. All entires must be in by Saturday October 15 2011 by 1159 pm. To enter this contest go here

So folks we have something for everyone

2011 Fall TheBurningLeaf annual Mask Giveaway coming soon

Alright our 2011 Fall/October Mask giveaway starts about Septemeber 16 2011. So far we will be giving away the Ghastly Ghoul from our friends at Trick Or Treat Studios.  Chris has given you guys a great chance to win this great mask. We hope to add more for the contest. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the rules. This will be an awesome October. The weather is already gearing up for us. 20 degrees cooler

Katie puts the Mojo back in Trick or Treat!

From the crypt at Macabre Mojo Creations comes  the latest in Trick ‘r Treat replicas, Sam’s lollipop, in both whole and “bite out” styles. These suckers have an uncanny resemblance to the actual movie props, so close to the movie it’s surreal. Katie has always  created costumes and other creations for herself, but this time she  decided to open the gate and share the candy with other Halloween and Trick ‘r Treat  enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more ghoulish creations from Katie at  Macabre Mojo Creations. Here are some pics below of the suckers appropriately  named Trick and Treat
















Artist Lizzy Rainey, Halloween Folk Art at its Best.

Many enthusiast of Halloween and the Fall season respect the classic folk art that comes with it. One artist has brought painting after painting of those same fall feelings I and others have remembered. Lizzy Rainey has captured all those feelings of my childhood that I have had at one time or another.  (Previous work shown Here)





Lizzy is working on her Sept Oct Premier Halloween Exhibit. She has given The Burning Leaf a sneak peek of a small portion of an enormous painting of a spooky, moonlit, Tangled Tree Forest hosting Trick or Treaters.

Q -  Your paintings seem as if you have poured your heart into the subject matter…Do you have a passion for Halloween and the fall.

Lizzy – I am 48 years old and have 5 siblings with a brother that grew up just one year older than me. My fondest memory of Halloween is simply Trick or Treating with my brother in our costumes with our pumpkin Buckets and that is what my customers mostly ask me to paint for them.One of the memories I love is a picture of myself in my witch costume in the 1960′s.

For the full interview go here Lizzy’s Full Interview

Burning Leaf member Kaizu shows off his TCM 2 Leatherface Mask From the Movie Mold

Ever since I first saw the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre(TCM) back when I was kid I often thought it would be cool owning a replica of the killing mask worn by the cannibal killer on film. Being a slasher movie fan, I always thought of the Leatherface mask being a piece of art, like the Myers mask and Jason’s hock.
The pt2 mask worn by actor Bill Johnson, known as “Bubba”in the film was definitely my favorite from the franchise. Instead of wearing a face of just one of his victims, this certain mask was a combination of several bits of faces stitched together making it more gruesome looking compared to the squeals which followed. Thanks to the work of Tom Savini and Bill Johnson’s acting, this version of the killing mask was rather popular among the horror fans during the 80′s.
TCM 2 From Movie Mold 1
Back then you couldn’t just go to a costume store and buy a Leatherface mask or of any slasher icon replica which was decent enough. When the internet age began I quickly started searching for costume sites that may sell high quality replicas. I finally found Savini’s site in which he did offer replicas from TCM2 made from the movie mold. I was rather not satisfied with the version which was being sold. After a little while he removed the add. A few years later I began to find pictures taken by other collectors who had bought a replica from Savini at conventions. Since I had already moved back to Japan I cursed myself for not purchasing a copy from his site.
After joining MM net I posted some questions asking if I could find a decent replica. One member who claimed to own a movie mold offered to make one. The price was much higher than the one offered by Savini and though the finishing was great, it was far from accurate. After that I checked other sites like Latex Mask Central and the HMA and I did find other replicas based off the movie mold but they either had bad detail and finishing or were a recast of a recast. Another year went by…
Finally I joined Nightowl and to my surprise, the place was packed with TCM fans. The best TCM2 replicas I could find were the ones that were sold by Savini. By the time I was about to give up hope, I found a thread by a member who was selling a limited number of blanks made from the movie mold. It took me a while to find this thread since everyone didn’t use the name TCM2, they all went by the name “Bubba” since that was LF’s name in pt2. If I were to purchase a blank I wouldn’t know who to send it to since I didn’t know anyone who was good at doing up a TCM mask. Then I found out that the seller was a SFX man who had worked for Savini and many others in the past. I thought, why not ask him to finish up the blank. The man kindly accepted and as a result I made the right decision.
After 2 months a package arrived from him and I was astonished from what was in the box. The piece I received resembled that of a mask made by the mad man in TCM2. The finishing was much superior to any of the replicas I have seen throughout the years. Thank you Mr.DB, my search is finally over.
Our very own member Kaizu scored a TCM 2 mask from the movie mold. Congrats Kaizu. Thanks for sharing the story with us. Go to our forum to view more pics.

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A Cinco de Mayo fiesta Atlanta chef Eddie Hernandez has confirmed my long-held suspicions about Cinco de Mayo. Americans have seized the day as an opportunity for excess drinking and tomfoolery, while our Mexican amigos view May 5 as a rather smallish moment in history. On that date in 1862, an outnumbered Mexican army beat back the French at the Battle of Puebla. “It has never been a big holiday for Mexico,” says Hernandez, executive chef-owner of Taqueria del Sol. “Actually, Nov. 2, which is Day of the Dead, is more celebrated than Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo became a marketing tool for the American market, and it worked out really well. It’s one of the biggest days for Mexican food, margaritas and tequila. The sales go through the roof.” pre bonded hairNo wonder they call it Drinko de Mayo. In fact, when I think about recipes for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, many of the dishes that come to mind would be just as appropriate for Seis de Mayo. (Aka: Hangover Day.) Chilaquiles, which use leftover tortillas, salsa and sometimes eggs, come to mind. As does the Mexican seafood cocktail known as vuelve a la vida (return to life), in which shrimp, oysters and octopus are marinated in a spicy ketchup sauce with avocado, onion and cilantro. And the classic beer-and-tomato juice tonic known as the Michelada, a kind of poor man’s Bloody Mary.

To get the party started, I turned to Paul Calvert, a partner at the Krog Street Market watering hole Ticonderoga Club. Calvert is a big fan of mezcal, the smoky tequila cousin that’s made from maguey, a type of agave. His libation, Danger Zone, is a lively beer-tail sweetened with honey and perked up with black pepper. It’s concocted from simple ingredients you are likely to have in your pantry. (Don’t keep mezcal at home? Maybe it’s time you do.) “The idea behind the drink,” Calvert says, “was to combine a couple of things I like to drink as spring gets into full bloom and summer waits around the corner: mezcal with lime and cold beer. The honey gives the drink more body than just the average simple syrup you might reach for when making a margarita, and the black pepper leaves you with nice tingle on the tongue. This is a great cocktail to pair with salty corn chips and fresh vegetables cooked on the grill. It also scales up really well so you can make a big batch for a party with relative ease.” Like Micheladas and Shandys (beer and soda pop), I think it would be an excellent morning-after drink. Hernandez, who is working on a cookbook, shared a terrific chilaquiles recipe that would be a nice main dish for a Cinco brunch or supper. You start by making a “fried salsa” that is nothing more than two ingredients (tomatoes and jalapenos), softened in hot oil and pureed in the blender. (To save time, you can make the salsa the day before.) remy hair extensionsIf you don’t want to bother frying tortillas for the chilaquiles, Hernandez suggests corn chips, which you can pick up when you make your beer run. “I thought the Fritos would work great, and guess what? They did,” he says. Just toss a couple of handfuls in a bowl of cracked eggs, onion and jalapeno. Perfecto! To finish the fiesta, how about a classic Tres Leches Cake with fresh spring strawberries? (“Tres Leches” is so named for the concoction of “three milks” — condensed, evaporated, whole milk or cream — that’s poured over a sponge cake.) Inspired by a recipe in Mexican doyenne Margarita Carrillo Arronte’s encyclopedic “Mexico: The Cookbook” (Phaidon, $49.95), I baked her rich yellow sponge cake; doused it with the traditional tres leches spiked with a strong pour of brandy; added a layer of strawberries and a pile of whipped cream. (Arronte slices the cake in two, fills it with strawberries and tops it with meringue, which she then browns with a blow torch. Fantastic, no doubt. But too fussy for my fiesta.) Since Tres Leches Cake needs time to soak up its milk bath, it’s ideal for making the night before and chilling. Don’t want to bother baking from scratch? You can use boxed yellow cake mix and still have a very credible Tres Leches. I’ve had such a cake, and it’s good. The rich milks are what make it. Americans may be a little misguided in their Cinco de Drinko glee. (Party down, amigo!) But hey, with comidas and bebidas like this, you could make a Cinco-phant out of me. Eddie Hernandez’s Chilaquiles with Quick Salsa Frita Susan Puckett, the former AJC food editor who is helping Taqueria del Sol’s Eddie Hernandez develop his cookbook, says the measurements for this recipe are “very loose.” Indeed, it’s just eggs scrambled with chips and home-made salsa. “You can dump in more chips if you like it crunchier,” Puckett says, “and if it seems a little dry, add more of the salsa.” I tried the recipe with tortillas and Fritos and liked it both ways. Putting out bowls of condiments adds a festive touch.

Vegetable oil for frying 4 corn tortillas or 2 big handfuls (about 4 cups) of Fritos 6 large eggs ½ cup finely chopped onion 2 small jalapenos, stemmed and diced (remove some of the seeds and membranes for less heat if you prefer) 2 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil 1 to 1 1/2 cups Salsa Frita (recipe) 1 cup crumbled cotija or grated Parmesan cheese 8 ounces sour cream or Mexican crema (optional) perruques cheveux naturelsChopped cilantro, chopped avocado, chopped onion, lime wedges, fresh or pickled jalapenos, bottled hot sauce, for garnishing (optional) Generously cover the bottom of a small skillet with vegetable oil. Heat until very hot. Place 1 tortilla in the pan. Cook until golden on 1 side, about 30 seconds; turn and cook the other side until crisp and golden. Drain on paper towels; repeat with the remaining tortillas. When tortillas are cool enough to handle, break into pieces. In a mixing bowl, whisk the eggs. Add the tortilla chips or Fritos, onion, and jalapenos; whisk to combine. In a skillet over medium heat, add the olive or vegetable oil. When the oil is hot, add the tortilla-egg mixture. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the eggs are set. Stir in the Salsa Frita. (Start with about 1 cup, and add more as desired.) Cook until just heated through, about 2 minutes. Top with half of the cheese; cover the pan and remove from heat. Let rest for 3 minutes. Plate and sprinkle each serving with remaining cheese. If desired, dollop each dish with sour cream or Mexican crema, and serve alongside optional garnishes. Serves: 4-6 Per serving, based on 4: 475 calories (percent of calories from fat, 65), 21 grams protein, 21 grams carbohydrates, 3 grams fiber, 35 grams fat (9 grams saturated), 334 milligrams cholesterol, 940 milligrams sodium. Salsa Frita

For a chunkier salsa, don’t over process. 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 3 large tomatoes, diced 2 large or 3 small jalapenos, stemmed, cut lengthwise, and thinly sliced (remove some of the seed and membrane for less heat if you prefer) Salt to taste In a medium sauté pan over medium-high heat, heat the oil until very hot. Add the tomatoes and jalapenos all at once, taking care to stay back to avoid splatters. Cook and stir until the tomatoes are soft, about 5 minutes. Puree in a food processor or blender until smooth. Season to taste with salt. Makes about 1 3/4 cups. Per 1-tablespoon serving: 14 calories (percent of calories from fat, 74), trace protein, 1 gram carbohydrates, trace fiber, 1 gram fat (trace saturated fat), no cholesterol, 6 milligrams sodium. Paul Calvert’s Danger Zone Calvert, a Ticonderoga Club partner, makes this mezcal-based beer-tail with ale. If you want to use a Mexican beer, he suggests Modelo Especial. If you are planning a party, you can make a batch in advance; when ready to serve, just top each glass individually with suds. 1 pinch ground black pepper 3/4 ounce (1 1/2 tablespoon) freshly squeezed lime juice 3/4 ounce (1 1/2 tablespoon) honey syrup (see instructions below) 1 1/2 ounce (3 tablespoons) top-quality mezcal (Calvert suggests Del Maguey Vida or Fidencio Clasico) 4 ounces pale ale (Calvert suggests Terrapin Recreation or Anchor Liberty) perruques cheveuxPlace black pepper, lime juice, honey syrup and mezcal in a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice. Shake well and strain into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with ale, and serve. Shake. Strain into a tall glass over ice. To make the honey syrup: Combine two parts good, local wildflower or orange-blossom honey with one part hot water and stir well to combine. Bottle and refrigerate. Will keep cold for three weeks. Per drink: 161 calories (percent of calories from fat, 1), trace protein, 10 grams carbohydrates, trace fiber, trace fat (no saturated fat), no cholesterol, 5 milligrams sodium. Tres Leches Cake with Strawberries Think of this as Mexican strawberry shortcake.

butter for greasing pan 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 8 large eggs, separated 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 4 tablespoons milk 1 (14-ounce) can condensed milk 1 (5-ounce) can evaporated milk lace front wigs2/3 cup whole milk (may use whipping cream or half-and-half) 6 tablespoons brandy, divided 1 pound strawberries, washed, hulled and sliced, plus more for (optional) garnish 2 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream 4 tablespoons confectioners sugar

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a deep, 9-by-13 (or bigger) baking pan generously with butter. Sift together the flour and baking powder, and set aside. Using a stand mixer with the whisk attachment, whisk the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla extract until light and fluffy. Gently fold in the flour and baking powder, about 1/4 at a time, alternating with the milk. In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites until stiff peaks form. Fold the white into the batter. Pour into greased pan and bake until a toothpick inserted at the center comes out clean, about 35 minutes. cosplay wigsWhile the cake is baking, mix the condensed milk, the evaporated milk, the whole milk and 4 tablespoons of the brandy in a blender. Poke holes in the still-warm cake, and drizzle it with the milk mixture. Place sliced strawberries all over the top of the cake. Using a hand mixer or stand mixer with whisk attachment, whip the heavy cream, confectioners sugar and remaining 2 tablespoons brandy until stiff peaks form. Spread the whipped cream over the strawberries. Cover the cake with wax paper, and refrigerate for three hours or overnight. Garnish with additional whole or sliced strawberries, if desired. Slice into squares and serve, making sure to drizzle the milk over the cake. Serves: 12 Per serving: 586 calories (percent of calories from fat, 41), 12 grams protein, 72 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams fiber, 26 grams fat (15 grams saturated), 226 milligrams cholesterol, 252 milligrams sodium.